Sunday, 21 February 2016

21st February 2016

Mia: this evening I played for a good hour with Mia. She just goes crazy for 'The red string of doom'! :) Other than that it has been business as usual.
Life: this morning I did a bit more on my goddess canvas. This afternoon Pauline and Sonia took me out to Liverpool for a meal. We dined at Soul Cafe because Pauline wanted to try the pancakes. I had Memphis Soul Stew which was yummy. :) This evening I prepared the canvas I've been meaning to start since January. I have until July to finish it. :) This weekend has seen Cameron initiate a referendum on EU membership. I'm worried about our human rights laws being watered down and handing total control to the Tories (or any government) without Europe to step-in and reign them in. So I really see no reason to vote for our exit. However, it also worries me that, judging what happened with the Scottish referendum, the government will promise absolutely anything to keep us in and then promptly ditch those promises!
One Thing: I'm choosing those few hours with Pauline and Sonia today. After feeling lonely yesterday, it was nice to have their company. :)