Wednesday, 28 December 2016

28th December 2016

I'm only on the 4th day of this but already I find my outlook on life changing and my mood becoming more positive :)...
1. I was blessed to be able to watch a documentary called 13th on Netflix today. Whilst I think the problem is more complex than portrayed, it did bring to light problems I (and society at large) are mostly ignoring and, no, I don't believe they are problems confined to the USA!
2. I was blessed to find the train I was gonna take to Neston cancelled, prompting me to drive there instead - meaning I had the spectacular views of the freezing fog on the way there and then of all the Christmas lights in the villages on the way back. :)
3. Considering how lonely I get, I am blessed to share a planet with the rest of humanity. Some of them are a lot nicer than others but they do provide me with the human interaction I need - which can be especially delightful with the nicer ones. :)