Monday, 25 June 2012

A Sure Sign Of Failure

David Cameron has today initiated a "discussion" on the ease of access to the welfare state. Here are my thoughts on why his arguments are flawed...
  1. As of April there were 2650000 people unemployed with only 476000 vacancies for them - a shortfall of over 2 million! Thus it seems to me that Cameron should be attacking that shortfall not people's access to benefit!
  2. Welfare is for when times are hard and I think it's generally agreed that times have never been harder in our lifetimes! So why attack access to benefit now??? Surely Cameron has got his timing all wrong and he should be making these kind of proposals when times are good and jobs are plentiful!
  3. What kind of idiots does he take us for? This is purely an attempt to woo the right wing and divert our attention away from his failure to sort out our economy (which, in turn, would make the attacks on benefits he's proposing totally unnecessary!).
  4. Thus these attacks are a sure sign of Cameron's unsuitability to run our country. The guy's up the river without a paddle and throwing out titbits to try and distract the crocodiles from eating him!

Sunday, 24 June 2012


Over the last few days something has become clear to me - life is about experience.
Fortunately, the last few days have brought a lot of exciting ones - my trip to London, a trip to Manchester via Carlisle, dining with friends (cake included!)... etc.
But life also bring experiences that are less welcome.
For example, by this time next week I could be unemployed again.
Being unemployed is one of the most unpleasant experiences of my life - it brings doubt, anxiety and depression. But it is still an experience and, as such, I should welcome my experiences whether they're enjoyable or not.
For, one thing is guaranteed, each experience enriches my life one way or the other. So the good news is that my life will never be boring! :-)

Saturday, 16 June 2012

Good News

As part of my hormone treatment I had a blood test last Monday to see how things were going. My GP phoned me earlier this week to tell me the good news that my estrogen is now in the female range and it is safe to double my daily dose of Progynova to 4mg a day.
She also informed me that she would fax the results to the GIC. So I'll have to see, when I visit the GIC on Weds, if the exchange of information has gone smoother than the last time!
The other good news I had this week is that my temporary contract has been extended by a fortnight.
My boss also told me that he has requested several more permanent staff - of which he hopes I am one - but can't promise me anything because the company is in a state of flux, moving to Manchester, and he's waiting for the directors to get their act together and sort it out!
So he's trying to hang onto me as long as possible in the meantime so who knows how long that might be!
Certainly, the job market seems to have receded again - a symptom of the economy doing likewise no doubt! - and there is very little out there at the moment. So I hope I'm employed for a good while yet - even if it does mean travelling to Manchester every day and having my take home pay cut in half as a result!

Tuesday, 5 June 2012

My Life As A Hormone Junkie: Week Six

First, apologies for missing out weeks 4 and 5 but there was so little to report it really wasn't worth the bother!
Anyway, after week 6 a number of changes have become apparent:
  1. There is more fatty tissue and definition in my breasts.
  2. I have become weaker (which I noticed because I struggle more and more with the heavy front door at work)
  3. I seem happier within myself (but this might also because I've not been unemployed the last 5 weeks)
  4. A number of people have said how well I'm looking (which, again, might be because I'm not currently having to deal with the stress of unemployment) and there is apparently more definition in my face now.
So, all in all, I'm happy with the changes hormones have made but I've yet to experience the hormonal mood swings that goes with taking hormones so that might change.