Saturday, 16 June 2012

Good News

As part of my hormone treatment I had a blood test last Monday to see how things were going. My GP phoned me earlier this week to tell me the good news that my estrogen is now in the female range and it is safe to double my daily dose of Progynova to 4mg a day.
She also informed me that she would fax the results to the GIC. So I'll have to see, when I visit the GIC on Weds, if the exchange of information has gone smoother than the last time!
The other good news I had this week is that my temporary contract has been extended by a fortnight.
My boss also told me that he has requested several more permanent staff - of which he hopes I am one - but can't promise me anything because the company is in a state of flux, moving to Manchester, and he's waiting for the directors to get their act together and sort it out!
So he's trying to hang onto me as long as possible in the meantime so who knows how long that might be!
Certainly, the job market seems to have receded again - a symptom of the economy doing likewise no doubt! - and there is very little out there at the moment. So I hope I'm employed for a good while yet - even if it does mean travelling to Manchester every day and having my take home pay cut in half as a result!