Wednesday, 8 April 2015


Last night I watched Louis Theroux's documentary, Transgender Kids, in which he asks a bunch of Trans kids - and a few adults - in the USA whether they're a boy or a girl, whether they're Transgender and what surgery they have/want. And that's it!
So no need to waste your time watching it - it won't give you any meaningful insight into the condition or the lives of us with it.
Which is a shame because we're well overdue one! The first known woman* to undergo "sex reassignment surgery" was back in 1931 and nearly 100 years later society is still obsessed by this one tiny aspect of Trans life and no closer to asking the right questions:
What is gender?
Why do we define gender based on anatomy?
Why do we resist allowing people to have autonomy over their gender? (And consequently their bodies)
You see, society goes about this all the wrong way. It should not be questioning Trans people. It should be questioning itself.
Until society understands why, millions of years since homosapiens emerged, it is still tribal - when all the evidence points to tribalism being the route cause of the vast majority of our problems - our evolution will be stunted.
There is no need to understand Trans people. There is a great need for society to understand itself.

*The asterisk is used to signify the infinite array of women existent in the universe.