Thursday, 12 January 2017

12th January 2017

In the words of a toddler across the road, "it's SNOWING!!!" (Actually, it's hail at the moment but I wasn't going to spoil his illusion)...

1. I was blessed to read this article today: but my final thought is "try it the other way around and you'll find out far more about patriarchy and sexism".
2. I was also blessed to read this article: by good friend, Sonia. It reminded me of an observation I'd made whilst watching old episodes of Only Fools And Horses and being horrified by the casual homophobia, racism, and sexism in it. It answered a question I hadn't really been able to before - I don't remember my parents being particularly homophobic, so where did I learn that homosexuality was a bad thing? The answer is: it was everywhere! And when a message is everywhere - even if it's just one word such as "poofter" - it's pretty hard not to absorb it!
3. I was blessed to have a massage at WHISC this afternoon. I feel very much 'looser' now :)