Sunday, 4 March 2012

A Matter Of Opinion

I've just read an article on The Guardian website by Philippa Perry entitled Gender And The Tyranny Of The 'Normal'.
I have no great interest in the article and I think her idea that we should widen the scope of normality is flawed (unless she means we should widen it to such an extent that it becomes inapplicable!) but what I do take exception to are some of the comments below the article by readers of it.
I shan't bore you with responses to all the comments I find objectionable on the website - and I don't have the time or inclination to do so anyway! - so I will just take the first three as I think they are fine examples of the arrogance I find amongst the ignorant who find no difficulties arguing with people who know far more about the subject than they do... such as a psychotherapist married to a transvestite (i.e. Philippa Perry)!
First up is zeldalicious who states
We can believe ourselves to be anything our mind can invent but that doesn't make it so.
Well, seeing as the only reality that exists is the reality we perceive (i.e. that which our mind invents), I would be fascinated to know what does make it so!
Sadly, however, my fascination will have to remain unsated as the all-knowing zeldalicious does not provide us with an answer.
I can thus only presume that zeldalicious is a cowboy builder by trade, practiced as they clearly are in leaving a trail of destruction with no promise of repair!

Then there is thetrashheap whose name seems particularly apt when they make statements such as
Children need taught how to be adults
So, if I understand thetrashheap correctly, it's not OK for children to be children and do childish things but need to be taught how to be adults and how to do adult things. So, presumably, the law is an absolute ass when it stops our kids from smoking, drinking and driving cars! And as for sex... well, I'm sure Garry Glitter will be nodding his head in total agreement with thetrashheap!
Thetrashheap then comes up with a real doozy that I'm still trying to get my head around and may just have to admit defeat on! It states
women need taught how to be girls.
Well, hang on a minute! I thought you just said that children need to be taught how to be adults?? So presumably what you're proposing here is some kind of never ending loop of human evolution! That as soon as the female child learns how to act like a woman they need to learn how to be a child again and then back to learning to be an adult again and then a child again and on and on an on! Fuck! I'm exhausted just thinking about it!!
Our evolutionary theorist then offers up an entry for this year's No Shit Sherlock Awards   
Men and women aren't alike as adults.
But I have to admit that I am perplexed by the differentiation of adults from children in this instance but, then, perhaps I haven't paid as much attention to the bodies of children as our evolutionary theorist has??
It continues
They form friendships differently, on some issues they'll behave totally differently, they be into different things
Yup, girls are into flower arranging and playing with their dollies whereas boys like pulling the legs off spiders and stealing apples. That's beyond question isn't it??
(By the by, a word of advice to our evolutionary theorist - if you want to be taken seriously you're gonna have to lose that Norfolk accent. It's not "they be". It's "they are"!)  
And then we have another entry for the No Shit Sherlock Awards
puberty will be totally different 
Yes, that's why I found it somewhat traumatic! Thoughts of being female are somewhat distracted when you have an erect penis between your legs!
And on and on it goes...
Just because the differences aren't so stark before puberty doesn't mean we don't prepare them for what they will become.
Again, I shall have to bow to our evolutionary theorist's superior knowledge on children's bodies but I have to say I find it shocking that children are separated into male or female if the differences aren't defined before puberty!
I would also imagine that it makes it next to impossible to decide which children will be entered into the gender specific evolutionary loop our evolutionary theorist has defined for women. If only we could know for sure which were boys and which were girls it'd make it all so much easier!
But, hang on, what's this?
Also because of a few people born with gender dysphoria doesn't mean we set up society as gender nuetral
Well, fuck me! Our evolutionary theorist has managed to count how many gender dysphoric people there are in the world! Do you know how many studies there have been on gender dysphoric people and not one has managed to accurately count how many of them there are! And that's just in this country! Our evolutionary theorist has managed to do it across the whole world!! I think the bets are off for this year's winner of the Nobel Prize in Science, don't you!
So, having managed to define those born with gender dysphoria as being a mere few, it certainly makes sense that we don't set society up as gender neutral doesn't it! We have to make the effort to change it from the one thetrashheap's clearly identified as being gender unspecific before puberty into one clearly set up as male and female a mere 7 years later!
Our evolutionary theorist then leaves us with just one more nugget before he goes...
Boys especially do better in a pack with social convention and structure
OK, so I guess I was right all along. I am a girl!
So why the hell did they make me play with the boys all the time? Surely that's child cruelty! I'm going to consult my lawyer! There could be millions in this for me!

Our final contributor is Raffiruse who states
I wanted to be a T Rex, sadly society would not accept it, so I had to be a T Rex in secret.
So someone who clearly identifies with the trauma of gender dysphoria then. For like 99% of gender dysphoric people, I had to keep my desire secret too.
I couldn't proclaim it publicly because then I'd get fuckwits telling me I was wrong or perverted or maybe go so far as to brainwash me into being what THEY wanted me to be! Or maybe they'd take it upon themselves to kick the desire out of me or perhaps just have done and kill me!
So, yes, I certainly kept my desire secret for a long long while! It didn't matter that I was in mental torture pretending to be what others wanted me to be every second of every minute of every hour of every day of every week of every month of every year of my God damned life! For at least I could then be guaranteed of still being alive - even if I didn't want to be!
No, it's far better to act out our desires in secret and not test society's patience with them.