Monday, 14 March 2016

14th March 2016

Mia: another day when Mia has kept herself to herself except for when she wanted feeding. I miss her company but I can't force her to be with me if she doesn't want to be.
Life: after breakfast I walked to Wallasey Central Library to drop off my book. I then walked back into town to get a few things. I am starting my 'get fit campaign' in earnest after the shock of last Wednesday! Today's walk was about 3 miles. I wasn't exhausted but I knew I'd done it! I am somewhat concerned about my left leg though as it was considerably stiffer and more achy than the other one. It's also the one I have most trouble with in yoga and the one that I never seem to get comfortable when I sit down! :( After getting home again, I had my lunch and the afternoon was spent doing a tiny bit of college work (2 mindmaps) and colouring. Then I caught the bus to Liverpool for yoga and found it a bit more easier going than last week and there were no tears either. Coming home I passed 4 homeless guys which made me feel rather fortunate to have somewhere warm and dry to sleep on a cold night like tonight! I also popped in to Morrisons to see what bread they had on offer and got a dozen bagels for 20p! :) When I got home, I relaxed with Classic FM and more colouring.
One Thing: seeing those homeless guys tonight has helped me take stock of how fortunate I am. So my one thing I'm choosing tonight is being a home owner.