Wednesday, 9 March 2016

9th March 2016

Mia: for the few hours I've seen Mia today, she's kept herself to herself. Although, I did see her chase something in the lounge. I didn't see what it was but I hope it was small and she ate it! I don't want no dead bodies in my house, thank you very much!
College: so today I was up at 6am to get to Preston for 10am. I wasn't best pleased and neither was I happy that I did so much walking! But uclan was very impressive! So much so, I feel like I'm making a mistake going to Hugh Baird but there's nowhere I can afford to rent privately in Preston and I really don't fancy student digs again! Once in my life was quite enough!
Life: on the subject of all the walking today, it rather alarmed me how unfit I am! Less than a year ago I was doing the Wirral Coastal Walk and now I feel just as tired doing a couple of miles around Preston! I really need to get myself back in shape - perhaps catch the bus the other side of Liscard or something! Also... today is the day George Martin, producer of The Beatles records, died. :( and the second Wachowski sibling came out as Trans! You know, I always have wondered about my brother...
One Thing: the one thing I'm choosing today is sharing a piece of Patricia's birthday cake. It's incredible to think how close we've become in such a short space of time! She's an incredible woman and I was privately (not any more!) regretting all the times I'd said a cross word to her. She deserves better! But I thank her for her patience xxx