Friday, 18 March 2016

18th March 2016

Mia: had fun playing with Mia this morning before I went to college but still no photo of her rolling around. It'll probably elude me forever!
College: I arrived at college early because I had nothing to do at home. However, my plans for the day soon went out the window when my tutor asked me to mount my work up. She told me on Tuesday that she wanted to show my work to the assessor - which I was flattered by - but she said I wouldn't have to do anything because that would be unfair asking me to do extra work. So I wasn't best pleased when she changed her tune this morning! Nor that she now says we'll have to sand down our easels for our end of term show when on Tuesday she said we wouldn't have to do that! Having done woodwork at school, I can remember what a pain in the arse sanding down stuff is! So again I am not best pleased! To add to my annoyance, I was told today that the library have removed Photoshop from all the laptops - which is just fucking brilliant for us A&D students! So, again, I find myself dissuaded from staying on next year when A&D students are so clearly of so little consequence to the college!
Life: having had a discouraging day at college and getting whacked by the depression stick again, I stayed on the bus until Liscard and then bought myself all the things I like but shouldn't have and I have made a pig of myself tonight! It's done little for my mood though. :( I find it really doesn't take much to send me over the edge anymore. I'm also not best pleased I lied to one of my friends because they asked a question I didn't want to answer so just said what I thought would shut them up. So I'm in bed at 9pm because I've had enough of today! :(
One Thing: today I'm choosing the one good thing that has happened - playing with Mia. She is my salvation :)