Sunday, 6 March 2016

5th March 2016

Mia: I think Mia knows how to get me to play with her now. She's obviously got used to the fact that I play with her if she has a mad moment because she was quietly minding her own business this morning until she saw me and then she went nutso! So I duly obliged and played with her until she went and sat in the window admiring the wildlife. :)
Life: today was pretty full on. By mid-morning I was in Liverpool shopping for clothes and did pretty well cos I got a pair of trousers, a tunic, a vest and a bag for under £40! :) Having done my shopping I stopped off at The Lobster Pot for a chip barm - the chips were very nice but I thought £2.20 was a bit steep for just a chip barm! - before catching the bus home. I had just enough time to change into my party outfit (for Patricia's birthday) and get my make-up on to get to Intrust just in time for the meeting. Unfortunately, despite having had a 4 year booking with the hall, somehow they'd double booked us with a kids party! So we ended up in a side room having to contend with the noise next door! Anyway, it was a pleasant meeting and lovely to catch-up with people. :) From there I headed straight to Patricia's surprise birthday party at a Chinese restaurant and her face was a picture! She clearly was taken by complete surprise! :) The meal was lovely and it was lovely to see her family and how close they were - even the kids! It made me wish my own family wasn't so remote from one another. :(
One Thing: so much to choose from today but I think I'm gonna choose the look on Patricia's face when she found out about her surprise party. I think it will stay with me for my lifetime! :)