Monday, 21 March 2016

21st March 2016

Mia: after a difficult start to the day, giving Mia her much hated flea treatment, this evening ended on a high note when she came for a short cuddle after days of ignoring me. :)
Life: this morning I caught the bus to Morrisons for the weekly shop. I got home just after 10am so did a bit more work on one of my canvases. For lunch I had homemade sushi and then at 3pm I made my way to the dentist for my check-up and was most delighted when she said I didn't need any work - that's twice on the trot now - a whole year without treatment! Wow! :) I then caught the bus to Liverpool where I 'celebrated' my good news with a meal at Casa Italia. I had the tagliatelle, spinach, ricotta and mushroom bake which was gorgeous but didn't leave room for pudding, so I didn't have any of their delicious tiramisu! :( I then went to yoga. Tonight's session was tough but I felt amazing afterwards! :)
One Thing: I'm choosing not needing anything doing at the dentist today. I'm slightly incredulous! Especially considering all the cake, biscuits and sweets I eat! :)