Wednesday, 23 March 2016

23rd March 2016

Mia: my goodness me! I played with Mia practically all night this evening! It wasn't very energetic on my part - I just sat on the sofa flicking the 'fish on a string' around but Mia kept at it right up until she went to bed! Never known her to be that energetic before! :)
College: so I was in college for 8am this morning, having my breakfast, when Andy - lead tutor of graphics - invited me to sit in with his students because he was giving them a presentation on contract negotiation - jolly handy whether I do the BA (Hons) or not! As it happens, I was fully up-to-date with things so was able to say yes (would I really have said no either way??!). After that it was lunch and then contextual studies so I handed my stuff in but she wanted us to do an appraisal of where we thought we were up to and 2016 being the 'year of no bullshit' I was honest and stated in my appraisal that I didn't know where I was upto because, although I was doing the work, without knowing why I was doing the work I couldn't say where I was with things! I'm sure I'll hear back from that next week! :)
Life: this evening I have done two more pages of my colouring book whilst 'watching' Netflix.
One Thing: the one thing I'm choosing today is sitting in with Andy's students - it all helps clarify the picture for me whether I want to stay on for the BA (Hons).