Tuesday, 16 February 2016

16th February 2016

Mia: I awoke this morning to find Mia disappeared. After breakfast she appeared, smelling of puke - which would explain why she didn't eat her breakfast. In fact she's hardly eaten a thing all day - just nibbled at her dry food. Otherwise, she seemed much her usual self. Just have to see how she goes tomorrow.
Life: choir this evening was fewer in number than previous weeks but much better. We sounded great regardless! :) Otherwise much of the day has been spent watching catch-up telly.
College: I finished off my picture today. I feel like it needs a background though but I have no idea what and, besides, I was asked to paint a tree and I already feel like I've 'gone off piste' adding a cat (Mia, naturally!) and a pigeon so I daren't detract from the tree further until I've had feedback!
One Thing: the one thing I'm choosing today is choir being back to more like it was. I need my weekly dose of magic and I was beginning to despair with it. So I hope it doesn't fall back into bad ways again.