Saturday, 20 February 2016

20th February 2016

Mia: Mia has moved into the spare bedroom today. I was somewhat concerned because I couldn't find her and it was raining and knew she had more sense to go out playing in the rain. So was somewhat concerned she'd come acropper somewhere. But, no, when I went to put the washing out, there she was snuggled up in the spare bedroom. Today was also her flea treatment day. She looked at me disgusted as usual and ran off but came back half an hour later for a cuddle. :)
Life: I went into Liscard this morning to post a birthday card and get some cooking oil. I went in all the food shops I could think of but found no cooking oil. It brought it home to me how much I need to be able to get to the supermarket when I can't find even the basics locally! In fact, as I was returning home, I reflected that Liscard is a roundabout - it's almost like in its very design, you're not meant to stop and visit! This afternoon I did two pages of my colouring book and this evening I did a bit more on my goddess canvas. However, the evening hasn't ended well as for the last hour I have sat here feeling miserable; feeling lonely and overwhelmed by life. I was wishing I could just die but then I thought about Mia and felt that I have to keep going for her. She's already been abandoned once in her life, I can't be the one to do it to her again.
One Thing: thank goodness for Mia. She has saved my life once again. I don't know what my life will bring me - part of me doesn't want to find out - but I keep going for her. She is my world and I think she needs me as well.