Thursday, 18 February 2016

18th February 2016

Mia: another day when I've seen very little of Mia. However, I did get a short cuddle from her once she'd had her tea, so that was lovely. :)
Life: today was the Big Love My Brother summit. I was there with the choir to sing. As usual, it was chaotic but I don't get stressed out with it like I used to. I've learned with Clare to just roll with it and the magic will happen. I've gained so much with being with Clare - some of it, like stress management, unintentionally (I think!) - so it's fab to see her rolling her work out to more and more people. It warms my heart to think that hundreds of people will now have had some of Clare's magic in their lives and, hopefully, been affected by it for the good. :) It has been noticeable to me how much I've changed for the better under her influence but it is lovely that others have noticed it as well. One friend, Emma, who I've not seen for ages commented on it today and said how much I'd changed, which is just fabulous! One of the reasons I joined choir in the first place was to bring me out of myself and I know for a fact that it's worked! And then some! :) This evening I settled down with my colouring book again and spent another 3 hours finishing off the page I started yesterday. 7 hours spent colouring in one page may seem ridiculous but it's 7 hours spent relaxing and that's quite a rarity in my life! So it's well worth it imo! Whilst I was colouring, I had Still Game on with Netflix. I'm not sure how widely known it is but it's one of my favourite sitcoms of all time! Its a real gem imo! :)
One Thing: the one thing I'm choosing today was the summit. I'm so lucky to be able to attend these events! And to think of the lows of where I've come from to the highs like today, just make it all the more precious! It could've all been so different!