Saturday, 6 February 2016

6th February 2016

Mia: I have no idea why but Mia just stuck her claws in me. All I was doing was stroking her head! She normally laps it up! There was absolutely no logical reason for it! My human instinct was to swipe her back but I didn't. I didn't even yell at her. Instead I've decided to shut her in the kitchen for the next half hour. She needs to learn that kind of behaviour isn't acceptable!
College: this morning I printed off my research to go in my sketchbook. I also inked up my sketchbook ready. Trouble was, I started at the wrong end! Doh!
Life: this afternoon I met up with Clare and Amore in Liverpool. We were meant to be looking around the World Museum but best plans and all that... we ended up in Patisserie Valerie having cake instead! :) Afterwards, I went to Tesco to get a sarnie for tomorrow's heArt School and then caught the 433 home but, having a student pass that gives me limited travel, I decided to stay on it all the way to New Brighton to get some squash from Morrison's (as their's is the only one without aspartame in that I know of). If I'm not gonna be a student after the summer, I need to be looking at what kind of equivalent pass they have for non-students as its saving me a fortune so far! :) This evening I finished off my clay figures I started last weekend. I'm so proud of them! :) I'm gonna make some more and aim to sell them for £10 each as they take 1hr to make and I reckon £10 ph is about the right sort of wage for me. :)
One Thing: the one thing I'm choosing today is making my figures. As I say, I'm really proud of them! There could be a profitable future in this for me! :)
Anyway, time to let Mia out...