Thursday, 4 February 2016

4th February 2016

Mia: Mia has acquired another tangle under her chin. I've tried to sort it, and she has been very patient with me for the most part, but it's still there. I'm indebted to her though because yet again she's  the reason why I've gone to bed hoping for a better tomorrow. She needs me - and I need her. xxx
Life: after my late night last night, today has been a very slow day - I didn't even go down for breakfast until 10:30am! Depression has got a firm hold of me today! :( on a positive note, I went and did the food shopping by bus today instead of taking the car.
College: I haven't done any college work today - not so much because I have nothing to do or wanted the day off but because I couldn't see the point. I'm hoping I'll rediscover my enthusiasm tomorrow and make it to the end of term but tonight that feels remote.
One Thing: the one thing I'm choosing today is having Mia in my life. She makes life worth living.