Friday, 10 June 2016

10th June 2016

Mia: had some fun this evening playing with Mia but she was really getting wild chasing the 'fish on a stick'! She's looking jolly tubby too!
College: I met up with Patricia at college to collect our stuff. I left some of my stuff there as I no longer wanted it but, even still, I could barely lift my portfolio! Then we went to somewhere in Liverpool - I haven't a clue where! - for lunch. It was a very nice restaurant with very nice food but the skies opened and the place started to flood! Patricia said they'd only just redecorated too! I recommend they look at their flood defences next time!
Life: I took my car in for its MOT today and it passed first time, so that was a relief! After I'd picked it up and got home again, i didn't feel like having much tea after lunch, so I just had some cake. This evening was the start of Euro 2016 but, of course, I don't have a telly, so I've listened to it on 5 Live. It sounded like an excellent match and, apparently, there was an excellent goal but I'll have to wait till tomorrow now to see it. :( Still I'd rather that than pay the licence fee or get fined!
One Thing: having my car pass it's MOT first time was a great relief! I was dreading it being expensive! Now all I want to do is sell it...