Wednesday, 15 June 2016

15th June 2016

Mia: Mia was finally back on form today! She was cuddly and loving and fun to be with! :) I wonder if female cats have menstrual cycles??
Life: I worked some more on my latest painting today. I'm reasonably happy with the way it's going so far. :) I also visited the doctor today as I'd been asked to come in for a "non-emergency appointment". It was just a catch-up from being discharged from CX GIC... in January! Whilst I was in the surgery, a thunder storm came overhead so I ended up having to paddle my way to the bus stop! The roof of the bus was leaking too so that added to the 'fun'! Before coming to bed, I checked my emails and found one from college with my research task for the summer - prepare for a 5000 word in-depth analytical study! The key phrase in the email I feel was "it helps if you're passionate about something". Add this to the response I got, when I moaned about it on Facebook, that 'I can do anything I set my mind to', I'm already beginning to understand the key to tackling this BA.
One Thing: I'm choosing my time with Mia today. I love her to death! <3 :)