Friday, 3 June 2016

3rd June 2016

Mia: poor Mia was cross with me this evening. I don't blame her. I've hardly looked in on her these last 48 hours. :( I also bumped into my neighbour who said Mia has gotten into the habit of visiting her and bullying her cat. I apologised but she said it was fine and that her cat was a wimp anyway!
Life: I snoozed until 3pm and then walked into town to take advantage of Donut Day. I had two ring donuts. I then caught the bus to Liverpool, had a quick wander around Liverpool One, and a drink in Waterstones before wandering up to the bombed out church where I met Alison and her friend; and Patricia came to pick us up to take us to Give on the outskirts of Liverpool. From the outside, you wouldn't recognise it was a restaurant - it looks like your standard retail park outlet, but the food was fantastic! It's all veggie/vegan and they give a free meal to the homeless for every meal you buy. It was a treat to not have to scour the menu for the veggie options and so we tried a load of different stuff and there was a lot of sharing going on so we could all taste how brilliant it all was! I ordered Indian spiced tofu goujons and they were so delicious! And no more expensive than you'd pay at any other restaurant that WEREN'T giving a free meal to the homeless! It also has an adjoining grocery shop where you can buy the same stuff on the menu, so I bought some 'mock duck' which was delicious the bit of Clare's that I tried! :) The place is an absolute god send for veggies and I'm gonna have to work out how to get there on the bus because I definitely want to go back! :) The meal was organised by Clare to introduce us to her two American friends. So I have now met 2 Americans and they were very friendly, nice, people! :)
One Thing: I'm choosing Give restaurant today. As said, it is an absolute God send for veggies! Long may it succeed! :)