Thursday, 16 June 2016

16th June 2016

Mia: Mia was a cheeky little thing just before I came to bed! As I was painting my latest canvas in the spare bedroom, she opened my bedroom door and went inside! She's never done that before! Perhaps she thought I'd taken the spare bed - where she usually sleeps - for the night and so it was fair enough for her to pinch my bed! :D
Life: my windowcleaner is a dodgy fucker! He rang the doorbell today to ask me to open the side gate... which makes me wonder how he gets his ladder around the back when I'm not there! More than likely, he doesn't bother and has been ripping me off for a job half done! Or not at all even! This afternoon I went to the cinema again to watch the football. Again, it looked like we were gonna fuck up a match we should've won comfortably but luck was on our side tonight! I'm shocked and saddened by the murder of Jo Cox MP today. According to the news it was a Britain First nut which shows where that kind of mentality leads to! If the government's serious about cracking down on extremism, it's about time it banned groups like them and the BNP! As I said at the start, I was doing more painting today. I'm almost done on it and it's my favourite one so far! I'm really happy with my progress as a portrait painter! :)
One Thing: I'm choosing England winning the football today. It's not often you get joy as an England fan, so you've gotta appreciate it when it happens!