Wednesday, 1 June 2016

1st June 2016

Mia: Mia can be a contrary madam sometimes! Last week she lapped up her milk with delight. This week she's turned her nose up at it! That's good food and money she's wasted! :(
College: so it was back to college today. I got there for the usual start time only to be told to go away until lunch time. I had some stuff I wanted to do in the library so I went and did that but it didn't take anywhere as long as I thought it would. So I caught the bus into town just to waste some time. I tried out the Italian Club Bakery that'd newly opened. It was rubbish! The coffee and eclair were tasteless and they charged £5 for the privilege! I also wandered into Resurrection as I was tempted by the sign saying 'vintage clothes £5' and ended up buying a shirt for tomorrow. The assistant was rude though and clearly thought I shouldn't be buying a bloke's shirt! It brought back memories but obviously the shoe was on the other foot then. Society doesn't half have some stupid rules/attitudes! After that, I went back into college, carried my easel across the road to our exhibition space and then helped Patricia put her easel together and carry that across the road. Quite an enjoyable day at college all in all. :) and then I left my shirt at college! :(
Life: this evening my ex-work colleague Ian, who is helping me look after my garden, came to give me an appraisal of what needs doing this summer. Nothing major - mostly because he sorted it out for me last year! :) the rest of the evening was spent watching catch-up telly and Netflix.
One Thing: the thing I'm choosing today is seeing my work on display. It's an insufficient representation of the work I've done these last 9 months but it still looked great! :)