Monday, 13 June 2016

13th June 2016

It starts with religious text. It starts with feeling that we are weird. It starts with making jokes about us and mocking us. It starts with feeling that we are against nature. It progresses to lies and hatred against us. It progresses to enacting laws against us. It progresses to removing our rights. It progresses to violence against us. It ends with murdering us... and running through it all is the desire for us to not exist alongside them.
But they misunderstand one thing - we always have, and we always will, exist alongside them. There is nothing - NOTHING - they can do to eradicate us! They can only make us hide. 
So I say NOW is the time to come out. NOW is the time to make ourselves known. NOW is the time to show our strength of number. For this war against us will continue for as long as WE stand back and allow it to. History belongs to them but NOW is our opportunity to claim the FUTURE.
Mia: from 5.30 this morning, Mia was very persistent in getting me out of bed. I did well though and resisted until 7.30am. :)
Life: I had a lazy morning but then went into Liverpool for my volunteering stint at WHISC. Afterwards, I went to St George's Hall for the vigil for the 100+ LGBTQI victims of the shooting at Pulse in Orlando (See comments above). 
One Thing: it was a bitter sweet feeling to see so many of us come together (with half a day's notice) at the vigil tonight. I wish so many people hadn't needed to suffer to make it happen though. :(