Wednesday, 8 June 2016

8th June 2016

Mia: not getting much in the way of affection from Mia at the moment - I'm just the person who feeds her. She's still clingy - hardly straying more than 6ft away from me - but she isn't letting me stroke her for whatever reason.
Life: it was a lazy morning but after lunch I went and got my decapeptyl jab which as always (warning: tired old joke coming...) was a total pain in the arse! (I did warn you) This evening I went to BLS to support the Circle. Wasn't anything too taxing - just greeting people and offering them a drink. This evening the fog horns of the ships down at New Brighton have been sounding, so they must be jolly loud if I can hear them all the way over here!
One Thing: I'm choosing having a lazy day without going doolally. Such a thing would've been unimaginable even just a year ago!