Thursday, 9 June 2016

9th June 2016

Mia: still no cuddles from Mia but she was letting me stroke her, so that's some improvement I suppose. I couldn't get her interested in play either. Maybe it's just too much effort in the heat??
Life: today I went over to Wirral Met and met up with the course leader of the BA Fine Art course to have a look around and see some of the students' work. I was disappointed by the tutor's gaps in knowledge of art and design and the fact there's no ceramics teacher. Plus I'm not sure I want to spend three years in what is essentially a warehouse with no window. So I have stopped toying with the idea of doing a BA in Fine Art at the only college in the area I could afford. Instead, this evening I have looked into evening classes in ceramics and have requested info. However, I couldn't help feeling a bit down that things haven't turned out as I hoped and so I got out my colouring book to take my mind off things. And that has essentially been my day.
One Thing: I'm glad I went and had a look at Wirral Met. If I hadn't, I would always have been wondering "what if?" but now I know me and Wirral Met are not a good fit.