Tuesday, 7 June 2016

7th June 2016

Mia: another day when Mia elected to stay indoors instead of getting a suntan! I honestly don't understand her sometimes! :) She got fish for tea but wasn't a bit grateful for it. Instead she seemed to be in a mood tonight and wanted to be left alone.
College: so today I found out my results for my work these last 9 months. Oddly enough, my concepts weren't mentioned which I thought was by far my weakest area but I was told that I still need to believe in myself more and stop seeking approval plus my best work is when I put my heart into it and express my feelings. Which in itself was validation - unsought - that I should concentrate on expressing what I want to say (which can be summed up as "fuck off!") and how I want to say it. It's also been fabulous seeing everyone talking about their results on Facebook and congratulating each other. I think we've all done ourselves proud. :)
Life: I met up with Hilary for mocha and cake this morning and then we went to college to see the show. After that, we had a brief lunch in the college cafe before getting bus into town where we wandered around the shops for a bit. Again the weather was spoiling us so it was lovely and Hilary is great company. :) This evening I did a bit more arty stuff and generally lazed. It's too hot to do anything requiring effort!
One Thing: definitely the buzz on Facebook with everyone sharing their results and congratulating each other. It was lovely! :)