Monday, 6 June 2016

6th June 2016

Mia: you'd think, in weather like this, Mia would be out getting herself a suntan. But no! She spends all day indoors waiting for me to feed her!
College: I went into college for my 'departing interview' but, when I got there, I found today's date scribbled out and tomorrow's date written in! So much for notification! Just as well, I can make it tomorrow!
Life: this morning I arranged my MOT for Friday, and tried to get TalkTalk to sort my phone out but they were a total waste of time! So much so I'm looking at ditching them and going back to PlusNet! This afternoon I went to WHISC for my volunteering stint. Today I sorted out their website banners and page tabs. The weather was ridiculously hot this afternoon - which made the trip home on the bus almost unbearable! :(
One Thing: the thing I'm choosing today is my friends Clare and Aileen making the effort to go all the way out to Bootle to see our end of term show. It's lovely that they think so much of our work that they made the effort. :)