Friday, 3 June 2016

2nd June 2016

written 2pm ish on 3rd June...
Mia: considering Mia ended up having a very late breakfast at 11am this morning (3/6/16), she is a very forgiving creature. It almost makes me want to forget all about the 5am starts she insists upon every morning!
Life: I met Hilary at Patisserie Valerie at 10am and, after cake and coffee, we went to Liverpool Hope Uni for their Fine Art & Design Degree show. There was a lot of stuff there that I liked and I thought it was a very positive and promising show :) however, there was nothing there that I thought was vastly better than what I can do, which was very encouraging. :) Afterwards, we walked across Liverpool in gorgeous sunshine to see the Merseyside Embroiderer's Guild at the Anglican cathedral. The lighting wasn't great so it wasn't easy to see the colours but I liked what I saw and thought there were some very impressive pieces there :) After that, we walked into town before going our separate ways and I returned home, fed Mia and then got the bus to college.
College: Our end of year show started today (2/6/13) and it was our private view for friends and family between 5-8pm. I had a bit of a wander around before the throng arrived and was very impressed by what I saw. I think it was easily the equal of the stuff at Liverpool Hope. However, unlike the art at Hope, I was intimidated by the BA Graphics stuff. It was incredibly professional and so the gauntlet has been thrown - can I be their equal? Am I ready for that challenge? Or am I gonna quit whilst I'm ahead? Tune in this time next year for the result! After the show, a bunch of us went into town for a meal and a bit of a celebration. We are at a place I'd never heard of before - Amalia I think it's called - and the cheese pizza I got was huge! If we weren't wandering around afterwards, I'd have got myself a doggybag! But we were on the town, so I didn't. I don't know the places we went to but I do know that the music was too loud, the alcohol went down far too easy, and I was having a lot of fun! :) So instead of getting the last bus home at midnight, I stayed out with the girls. It was gonna be our last time together and so I really didn't want to curtail it! So I ended up crashing on Patricia's sofa at 3am this morning (3/6/16). At about 9am, Patricia's daughter gave me a lift to the station and I got back home at 11am and have been in bed since I got in. 
One Thing: there is so much to choose from yesterday but the one thing I'm gonna have to pick is being chosen as 'best in show' for our course and how lovely everyone's been about it. :) I am struggling, though. I am finding it so hard to accept I'm as good as people say I am! I just keep crying  every time I try to let it sink in. And it's not even fair anyway! Everyone's work was amazing! I've not had to work that hard since Christmas because my skill set was already there. Whereas others have come on leaps and bounds, really pushed themselves - even through illness in some cases - and really produced the goods! So I really don't think it fair to say I'm 'best in show' because I'm not (no matter what the certificate says!)