Wednesday, 13 May 2015

13th May 2015

Love: I love how people are responding to the general election result/the absolute callousness of David Cameron and chums. We've all had a good moan and a cry but now we're organising and suggesting ideas how to resist the Tory onslaught. Watch this space! :)
Life: Today I reflected on the NHS as I went to collect my hormone prescription from the Pharmacy. In the past I've moaned about how much my medical treatment costs me. Today I reflected that it could soon cost a whole lot more! Why anyone voted for this still baffles me! Do they not know that Capitalism is a failure?? Are we supposed to just carry on with it because we can't think of anything better? Or maybe we should start to arrange alternatives that don't make a sham of democracy and justice!
Career: Today I have written to Wirral Met and Birkenhead 6th Form offering my services for free. I figure if the government don't want the populace to have a good education for free, then a way to counteract that is for teachers to freely offer our services. Looking at the WEA website, I noticed I'm not alone in thinking that. Unfortunately, they're not interested in teaching people Art or Design though. Hence offering my services elsewhere.