Saturday, 9 May 2015

8th May 2015

Love: I love this country, I love my friends, I love my family, I love the possibility of life. That is why I voted against - and encouraged all I knew to vote against - a Tory government. I failed in my goal and we now have a Tory majority government. But I also still have my friends, my family, and continue to be amazed - sometimes shocked - by the possibility of life. The only thing I'm uncertain about now is my country. I have no idea what will happen to my country but I hope my worst fears won't come true.
Life: I have never known a day like today. Even when Thatcher won her third term (my earliest memory of politics) I don't remember being surrounded by so much disbelief and sadness. I cannot fathom how England can seriously believe Ed Miliband was a worse prospect as Prime Minister than the man they blame for the recession; how they can vote for the effective euthanasia of so many in this country; how they can vote to hand over even more power to the rich, selfish and greedy and drive themselves into servitude in the process. Who do they seriously think will care for them, if they have so blatant disregard for themselves?!! Do they expect us socialists to do it when they have just voted away our power to do so effectively?!! It is just incomprehensible to me. And I fear we will never recover from such stupid, short-sighted, action as what happened on 7th May 2015.
Career: Last night I got about 3 hours sleep. So today, as well as being upset and in shock, I have been beyond tired! I went into work but, an hour later, I had to go home sick as my brain just could not think and my gut was doing cartwheels. Not a good day.