Tuesday, 19 May 2015

19th May 2015

Love: At the concert tonight I met this guy called Michael, who must be about 20 years older than me. He was a chatty sort and told me about his passion for doing reviews of the bands he sees. Talking to him, it was clear he didn't have a clue who the bands were! He just liked going to concerts and writing about what he experienced. Last year he said he saw about 300 bands, so he's obviously not short of cash! The thing is though, he's not published a single review he's written! He doesn't even have a website because the internet is alien to him! He just has a passion for writing, so that's what he does! And I think that's awesome! :)
Life: Today, as I said, I went to a concert. It was to see a band called Mew at The Ritz in Manchester. The support were All We Are and they were very good! But Mew were even better! They just absolutely blew me away! It's always good to see how a band compares with their records and Mew absolutely smashed it! No autotune needed for them! :)
Career: Today was just a half day again and there's really nothing more to report than that.