Tuesday, 26 May 2015

26th May

Love: I love teaching art at Tomorrow's Women, Birkenhead. Unfortunately, not having the energy to do more, I teach just once a month but it's fabulous! The students today were extra awesome too! One woman in particular took my breath away with her bravery and original vision/imagination! It was a delight to see! :)
Life: After work and teaching, I went to Big Love Sista Choir after a week's break. It was great to be back amongst my amazing, loving, friends and singing. After warm-ups we did a new song which was kind of an African chant and then another new song, Bread And Roses, which apparently is an old Marxist song and was so empowering! It really did make you want to march for revolution! And we finished on Make You Feel My Love and Higher And Higher. It was fabulous! :) Today is also my mum's 21st birthday. She's now half my age! I think it's a genetic thing passed down through the generations where the children are older than the mother. My Granny Smith (yes, I really did have one!) was only 13 when she died!
Career: I returned to work today after the bank holiday. It was great to be back. I know I keep saying it but I have the best job working with the loveliest bunch of people! I will really miss it if funding isn't renewed in July. :(