Monday, 25 May 2015

25th May 2015

Love: I love where I live. Although the decision to move here was made in some haste to escape painful memories in Preston, I totally chose the right area! Everything is either a short walk away or a few minutes on the bus or train or car. Liverpool spoils us for attractions and things to do and, on the whole, the Wirral is just lovely. But best of all are the people. They really get a load of stick but I've never felt more welcome or met a bunch of warm hearted people anywhere else! They put me to shame, they really do!
Life: today I was invited over to the Griffins for a buffet and viewing of the "three queens" as they sailed down the Mersey to Liverpool. To be truthful, I went for the walk and the buffet (Tony always spoils us with his culinary skills! :) ) as I'm not bothered about the boats and don't really understand why an estimated 1.3 million people have turned out to see them but, as it turned out, although all that still stands, I did enjoy seeing them. It was a really pleasant day. :)
Career: Twas a bank holiday today. Back to work tomorrow. :)