Friday, 29 May 2015

29th May 2015

Love: I love the North Wales scenery and driving along its roads. Snowdonia, in particular, feels like my spiritual home. I am, however, Cornish not Welsh.
Life: I did overtime at work again and got my fringe trimmed on the way home. After I'd fed Mia, I felt restless so went for a drive. By the time I got to Cheshire Oaks, I felt that there was nothing more I wanted from life and nothing more I wanted to give. So I then asked the universe to give me a purpose. As I drove around North Wales, I received my answer. To be honest, it scares me which I feel is probably a good sign that this is the real deal. There are, of course, details to work out and it may yet come to be that I cannot realise my purpose but at least I have one. Not content with one landmark decision for one evening, I also made another one concerning my future health and happiness. That too may not come to pass but at least I know what I want to aim for.
Career: As mentioned, I did overtime today. There is still no indication that funding will be renewed, so the extra money can't hurt at this moment in time.