Saturday, 30 May 2015

30th May 2015

Love: today I have bought more plants for my garden and planted them in my back yard. I love the fact that I have a whole section I can look at, no matter what happens, and say "I did that". :)
Life: Today I found the courage to tell people that I will not be seeking paid employment if, as is likely, my contract is not renewed in July. This, along with my blog post yesterday, seems to have concerned people. Just to clarify, for a brief time yesterday, I felt that there was nothing more that I WANTED to give to the world and nothing more that I WANTED from the world. I felt that I had enough - much as a monk may feel that they have enough. Then I asked for and was given my purpose. My purpose does not involve paid employment. I already have an income. I do not need to disturb the delicate balance of my mind further by pursuing something I do not need.
Career: see above.