Sunday, 24 May 2015

24th May 2015

Love: Isn't Eurovision one of the most stupidest but wonderful things ever! Even when I knew who won and where the UK came, I still enjoyed watching it on iPlayer today (I missed it yesterday as I was at Sound City)! Despite only really liking one song (Poland) as well! It just goes to show I guess that it's the spectacle I enjoy rather than the songs!
Life: today I went to Southport in search of some interesting footwear and was heartily disappointed. Even Pavers, who are usually so reliable, only had shoes suitable for pensioners! I came home via Liverpool waterfront and drove past the Queen Mary 2 ship (there's a big fuss here about "the three queens" being together at the same time timorrow) and my jaw literally dropped! It's huge!! However, I still don't really understand what all the fuss is about. Once you've seen that they're huge - which takes like a second! - what more is there to say about them? It's not like they're gonna let us clamber on board for a look around!
Career: I don't work Sundays.
Time: yesterday, I had the realisation that a mere 15 years ago, I had no clue who John was as I hadn't met him yet. I don't know if I can convey how devastating this thought is! I'm not sure I really understand why it upsets me so. I just know that it does.