Thursday, 14 May 2015

14th May 2015

Love: I love Liverpool. I often say, "if I ever get bored of Liverpool then shoot me!". Today was another example of its brilliance! I went into town for a beat poetry event which was pretty damned fine in itself but they'd also put some duck statues out in preparation for LightNight tomorrow - an evening in Liverpool where practically every art venue (and some non-art venues) are gonna be showcasing their latest productions for free! I ask you, how awesome is that?!!
Life: as mentioned I went to a beat poetry event this evening. I went with Amanda, who is about half my age but so wise and totally awesome! She's one of many Liverpool women I have made friends with who just bring so much sunshine into my life! I consider myself blessed to have so many awesome friends!
Career: after work today, I joined a bunch of my work mates for a walk around Liscard Central Park. It was awesome! I can't believe I've lived so close to it all this time and never explored it until today! The best bit was when we passed some ducks by the pond and there were some baby chicks there! It was really heart melting stuff! :)