Thursday, 7 May 2015

7th May 2015

Love: I love writing (e.g. this blog!) and I've decided to pursue this love with a little more determination. So I'm looking at partaking of a Creative Writing course - probably in September now when the next academic year begins (timing was never my strong point!).
Life: Today is Election Day. My polling booth was conveniently in between my place of work and place of beautiful nails for which I had a 1pm appointment. So I popped in and did my civic duty enroute. I'm not ashamed to say I voted Labour and had my nails painted red in support. Then I went and got myself a tofu rice pot with omelette and hoped I wouldn't be left with egg on my face!
Career: Today, with a little help from Alison Clare, I've found the courage to go with my gut and make a firm decision... In January 2014, I started volunteering at (V)CAW to get me out the house and, in July, I took the job of Communications Assistant because it was a job I wanted, not because I needed the money. Remembering this, I have decided that, should my contract not be renewed in July (there's currently no funding for it), I'm not prepared to work for the sake of it. Instead, I will make the sacrifices required (of the financial kind, sadly, as much I'd like to sacrifice certain people!) to maintain my current position of doing the things that I want to do. I want to do things that mean something, not be a slave to luxury! (See "Love" above).