Sunday, 17 May 2015

17th May 2015

Love: I have some terrific friends! Today I woke up tired and grumpy. So Clare tells me to go and get myself some nature. I ended up going to Sefton Park and really enjoyed sitting there and watching the world go by. Then I persuaded Amanda to join me and we went to Keith's Bar on Lark Lane and drunk mint tea and had a good chat. It was lovely! :)
Life: Merseyrail didn't impress me today. I decided to go to Sefton Park/Lark Lane by train. I bought my ticket and hopped on the train only to be told halfway there that there was a replacement bus service and I had to change at Central for it. So I get off only to find out that the buses were going from Lime Street! So I ask to get back on train to Lime Street but was told I couldn't and would have to walk there! So I thought, "fuck it!", and walked to Sefton Park from Central instead! (2.6 miles according to my phone). It was worth it though cos it was a lovely walk and I had a moment of enlightenment: walking gives me a sense of accomplishment because it sets me a goal to achieve (when I reach my destination). So I thought maybe if I set myself lots of minor goals to achieve maybe I wouldn't feel life was so pointless. Maybe my goal could even be to get through the day to the next day! I used to do something similar after John died and found it useful then. So I know it works!
Career: Nothing happening.