Friday, 12 June 2015

12th June 2015

Love: The 3rd series of Orange Is The New Black (OITNB) was released today. If you don't have Netflix, it's unlikely you'll have seen a single episode of OITNB and thus have realised what an excellent series it is. Personally, along with other Netflix exclusives House of Cards and Daredevil, I think OITNB fully justifies the £5.99 per month subscription fee to Netflix!
Life: I took my car back for repairs and MOT retest this afternoon. I was hoping to take my bike with me and have a quick ride whilst they were doing the work but, no matter which way I tried, I could not fit my bike inside my car so I had to abandon that idea. After getting my MOT certificate, I did the weekly shopping and came home for tea and started watching OITNB. I watched just the three episodes tonight but no doubt I'll have watched the rest of the series by Monday morning! <SPOILER>However, I think there should be a ban on storylines involving bedbugs because now I itch all over and every black speck I see is a bug! And when you own a black and white cat, there are plenty of black specks around! Which you fear may be a dreaded flea! (I'll be surprised if I get through the summer without them to be honest).
Career: Just the usual morning at work today. I enjoy the work though and the people I work with so I have no complaints (other than my contract coming to an end!).