Wednesday, 24 June 2015

24th June 2015

Love: I have made a wish for she to be mine. :)
Life: tonight I attended a dream board workshop at Big Love Sista studio. The result was somewhat surprising. I realised I wanted less not more - which will be great financially! :) Because Ian had been spraying weedkiller yesterday, I had to keep Mia indoors for most of the day and she wasn't thrilled with the idea! I fully expected to come home from work to find the place trashed and a dump on the carpet! But, no, she had been as good as gold! Bless her! And tonight she has decided to sleep at the top of the stairs as though she's guarding me from something. Maybe she knows something I don't! :k
Career: after my usual shift, I stayed on for my volunteering role. I looked into the Stoptober campaign. It's a mammoth task! I hope I'm not found wanting! :k