Monday, 22 June 2015

22nd June 2015

Love: More cuddles with Mia this evening. Sometimes she is my only solace. She makes life worth living. <3
Life: Whilst at work I spotted a Healthwatch article about feedback on GRS services. And so it was that I gave them my experiences. I can only hope that this finally sees the GICs get their act together because the way they treat Trans people is disgraceful! When I got home, I awaited delivery of my Dr Martens boots. I intended to return one pair but as it happens the pair I'm returning isn't the pair I expected to return. It just shows you can never be sure when you're buying stuff off the internet - especially with my feet!
Career: after my usual shift this morning, I did my first voluntary shift as Media Assistant for our Smoking Cessation/Health & Wellbeing services. The great thing about volunteering is you can come and go as you want. So when I ran out of things to do this afternoon, I was able to call it a day rather than sit and twiddle my thumbs.