Monday, 15 June 2015

15th June 2015

Love: more cuddling with Mia today. She even spent half an hour precariously balanced on my crossed legs until my foot started to go to sleep and I had to move her. She then spent the rest of the evening asleep at my feet. :)
Life: I popped into Birkenhead today because I had an idea for a pressie I want to make for a friend's birthday. Unfortunately, I couldn't find what I wanted so I've decided I'm making the materials myself. I just hope they appreciate all the effort I'll have gone to by the time I'm finished! :)
Career: today I decided that I'd much prefer it if people didn't do things if they don't know what they're doing! There is so much rubbish on the internet created by people who clearly didn't have a clue! Plus today I got an NHS Word document that clearly hadn't been formatted properly which was meant for public dissemination! These people should be ashamed of themselves! It's as bad as when I worked for the newspapers - the amount of journalists who clearly couldn't be bothered to use a word checker before forwarding me their articles was a regular source of annoyance! :(