Sunday, 7 June 2015

7th June 2015

Love: I know I may sound like a stuck record but I genuinely love Liverpool! I know it may not have the most pleasant of histories and there are still great inequalities and injustices here but I truly believe I made a fantastic choice in moving next door to the city of Liverpool! :)
Life: Yesterday (you did notice I didn't blog yesterday, didn't you?) I took my bike out for a proper ride. I met up with Rach and we cycled around Sefton Park. I only managed to fall off twice and proper banged my knee but at least my bike's seen proper action now! After being treated to a cup of tea, we caught the train to Waterloo for InTrust. After the meeting the two of us caught the train back into the city before separating at Central station and I headed off to Birkenhead Park for a cycle around it and then I continued on home. My legs were proper aching by the time I got back! So I obviously need to do it more often to build my muscles up!
This morning, I went back into the city to join the Brouhaha group to don my carnival costume and join in with their 'homecoming parade'. I loved every minute of it! It was awesome! :) So I've emailed them tonight to ask about getting involved properly. :) After the parade, I met Amanda and we wandered around taking in the sights of the Festival. The sun was shining and it was such a blissful afternoon! I truly love Liverpool and the fact I can get involved in such amazing stuff so easily! It seems like pleasure is served up on a plate to me here sometimes! :)
Career: I don't work weekends and I never want to ever again!