Thursday, 18 June 2015

17th June 2015

Love: tonight I went to see Dan Deacon live (as opposed to dead!) with Pauline in Salford. We went to see him the last time he was in the UK about 3 years ago and it was a very memorable concert. Sadly, lightning didn't strike twice and although he was very good it wasn't really up to the standard of last time. My ears are also still ringing!
Life: Today I went to pick up the flea treatment for Mia only to find the vet has changed the policy of the health plan and I can no longer get Advantage included. :( which means I will probably now cancel the health plan. Then I stopped off at Renes Restaurant for dinner and had a very nice ham sandwich. :) then it was back home, a change of clothes and off to Manchester.
Career: The usual - which is very good - at work today plus I also discussed with Ali plans for what I'm going to do when I swap to being a volunteer again. I'm quite excited, I have to say! It sounds well good! :)