Monday, 1 June 2015

1st June 2015

Love: I have discovered a new love - open mic night at the Egg Cafe, Liverpool. It was an awesome couple of hours entertainment all for free! Can't wait to go again next month and next time I might perform too! :)
Life: considering today is 1st June, the weather has been shit! Where is the sunshine?!! I also did overtime at work today. Then I met Amanda for a lovely meal at a Lebanese place and then we went to the open mic night. I then caught bus home and walked in through the front door to the stench of poo! Mia doesn't have a litter tray! So I then had to play Hunt The Poo! And found a steaming pile of it on the computer room carpet! Rest assured, I have now reinstated litter tray!
Career: I did overtime today and will be taking it off as TOIL tomorrow morning for a memorial service.
Poem: Walking between The Egg to the bus at Queens Square, I thunk up this poem inspired by Paul McCartney's 'home coming' concert last week and tonight's events...

Oi! McCartney! Nay!
I ain't gonna pay
To see an artist in decay
For your music of Yesterday
I'd rather get a boot fall of rain
Heading back from the Egg Cafe
Having seen an awesome display
Of the talent of today!