Tuesday, 12 April 2016

12th April 2016

Mia: the day started with fun and games and ended with cuddles. Lovely day! :)
Life: I went into town this morning to post a letter and return junk mail (I've decided I'm returning all my junk mail to sender because I'm sick to death with it!), plus I also had a quick wander. This evening I went to choir and it was a really good turn out. Plus Julie brought a chocolate cake because it was her birthday, which was most generous of her. The cake was delicious! :) She gave me a lift home too and I gave her my present. I'm not sure what she made of the painting (as Clare says "it's all just a layer" - she can paint over it if she doesn't like it!) but she seemed to really like the book I got her. :) The rest of the day was spent watching Netflix and Amazon. I watched Wag The Dog which is a biting political satire and Hitler: The Rise Of Evil, which put me in mind of Trump. I'm not saying Trump is the next Hitler but there's no doubt he's harnessed hate in his campaign and once you've let hate out the bottle it's impossible to get it back in again! I worry where this will end - not well, I fear! Especially if, heaven help us, he becomes President! :(
One Thing: The one thing I'm choosing today is celebrating Julie's birthday. She's a lovely woman and so deserves the lovely things in life... like chocolate cake! :)