Friday, 15 April 2016

15th April 2016

Mia: I'm not at all convinced any more that Mia is a cat. Not only does she turn her nose up at catnip, this evening she turned her nose up at the plate of fish I gave her as a special treat! More research is needed. I think I will start by offering her a bone to gnaw on and work from there.
Life: this morning I did the weekly food shop. I only needed a few bits do it was a quick trip. I then waited in for the man to come see about my gutters as they're leaking. He reckons other than replacing them entirely - which he dissuaded me from doing - the only thing he said he could do was give them a good clean out and reseal them. So that's what I'm gonna have done. After that, I hot-footed it to BLS studio to join the choir in a singsong. However, they started an hour earlier than I thought and so I only got there for the last 10 minutes, which rather deflated me. :( This evening I've been watching Netflix and abhorrent videos on YouTube.
One Thing: once again, Mia's been the best thing about my day. She does amuse me! :)