Wednesday, 6 April 2016

6th April 2016

Mia: had a lovely cuddle with Mia when I got home this evening. This was on top of the kiss she gave me this morning. :) Then I went and ruined it by untangling her hair and she clawed at me! It was only a gentle stroke as if to say "don't do that please" - not at all violent. :)
Life: today I finished off my latest canvas. I am very happy with it. :) Then I went into Liverpool to meet up with Patricia to see High Rise at the cinema. It was an entertaining film but a bit nonsensical because, if something like that did happen, I don't think people would react like that - unless I'm missing something?? (Which I quite probably am) Afterwards we bought art materials - did I really spend £25 on markers for my colouring books?!! I think I might've lost my marbles at that point! - and then we went to Kasbah for tea. It was a lovely few hours with Patricia and my mood improved considerably as a result. :) Coming home, I was a bit nervous that I'd run into those kids again but I came in at the other end of my street and they were nowhere to be seen anyway. I'm sure I've not heard the last of them but if I can avoid it at this precise moment in time all the better.
One Thing: I'm choosing time spent with Patricia today. She is so easy to get on with and I really enjoyed myself. :)